NCR Books, Pads & Sets

We have supplied NCR Books, Pads & Sets since 1988. NCR sets are effective for use with invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, receipts, reports, questionnaires, general office forms and much more.

Our custom NCR Pads are comprised of 50 sets of paper, with a choice of 4-part, 3-part or 2-part NCR pads, glued along the top with a cardboard backing and available with or without black numbering – ideal for use on the road. Add your branding for a customised duplicate pad.

• Stitched or Glued
• Numbered
• File Holes •

NCR Books (Perforated)
NCR Pads (Glued)
NCR Sets (Loose)

What is NCR paper?
NCR paper, also known as ‘No Carbon Required Paper’, is a thin sheet of non-carbon copy paper which allows handwritten forms, contracts and receipts to be duplicated with ease.

How Many Sets Can You Get in a NCR Pads?
Our personalised NCR pads come in a variety of sizes and quantities. Choose from single, 25 or 50 sets

What’s the difference between NCR pads and NCR books?
NCR pads and books are both ways of managing multiple NCR sets. With an NCR pad, sets are glued together and separate sheets can be torn off for distribution to clients or customers.
NCR books go one step further by keeping one section fastened into the book. Therefore, files are kept together, ensuring nothing goes missing.

Why use NCR paper?
Each cover sheet uses the same template form that can be easily filled out multiple times. Forms are fully customisable and can include company logos, tables, signature fields and more. Because they are so versatile and can be customised to your business, NCR pads can be used for a variety of administrative tasks, including:
Order invoices, receipts and statements
Delivery notes
Report and accident forms
Agreements forms and contracts